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"Our Gracie went to KinderDOGen last year. She is a work therapy dog, but we felt she needed some dog socialization. It was the best experience for her and for us! Better than we ever could have imagined! Since graduation, she continues to go 2 days a week. She loves "school" so much, we have to spell the word in front of her. :) Rachel and Felicia are awesome and truly love our babies as their own. They have also helped us with random issues Gracie needed more work on. We all love Wagging Tails!"  ~Judy (client since 2019)


KinderDOGen™ is a six week enrichment program that focuses on teaching valuable obedience and socializing skills.  This program is designed to teach the following skills:

  • Staying quiet in a crate

  • Walking nicely on a leash

  • Place (learn to stay on a raised bed)

  •  Sitting at doors and not bolting through them

  • Not jumping on people

  • No mouthing/puppy biting

  • Socialization with other dogs and people

Nose to tail “exam” (learning to allow owners, veterinarians, and groomers to touch them anywhere without causing stress)

Join your classmates running, playing ball, exploring our nature area, pirate ship, tunnel & more!

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Behavior Consultation and Canine Training

Our certified canine behaviorist, Rachel, will teach you behavior modification processes to encourage your dog’s best behavior.  Rachel offers private one on one training in which she meets with the dog to be trained, along with the owner for one hour individualized training sessions at Wagging Tail Resort.  The owner will discuss behaviors they want to change with their dog and Rachel will show the owner corrective steps to achieve the desired behavior modification while at home.


Please call for pricing and availability.

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